Moment when Iran hacktivist group interrupted state-run TV

The hacktivist group identified itself openly as Edalat-e Ali. —  Screengrab via Twitter
The “hacktivist” group identified itself openly as Edalat-e Ali. —  Screengrab via Twitter

Iran’s state-run TV channel was reportedly hacked on air Saturday interrupting a news bulletin, videos on social media showed.

Iran International English published the moment when the broadcaster was hacked.

“The blood of our youths is on your hands,” the sentence on the screen said. Photos of Mahsa Amini and other young women killed in protests also appeared on the screen.

An image of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was surrounded by flames with a target sign on his face.

The “hacktivist” group identified itself openly as Edalat-e Ali, sharing on-screen their social media handles.

The incident comes after at least three women were shot dead by security forces during protests over the death of Mahsa Amini.

Amini, 22, was detained by Iran’s notorious morality police for allegedly not wearing her hijab properly. The young woman died in custody.

Iran police have denied the allegations of killing Amini and said she died of illness and not “blows”. However, her death has sparked unprecedented unrest countrywide.

At around 18:00 local time, the TV bulletin was interrupted only for a few seconds, one of the captions saying “join us and rise up”.

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