May 31, 2023

Muslims not getting due share in India: Congress leader


Congress Party leader Sharad Parwar speaking at an event. — NDTV
Congress Party leader Sharad Parwar speaking at an event. — NDTV

Muslim community members feel they do not get their due share even though they make up a large part of India’s population, said Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar was quoted by NDTV.

At an event organised by the Vidarbha Muslim Intellectuals Forum “Issues Before Indian Muslims”, Pawar noted that Muslims feeling this way was a reality, adding that “deliberations have to be held on how they can get their due share”.

The speaker before Pawar had mentioned the need for Urdu language in government recruitment examinations to which he responded, emphasising the significance of a “main language” in states.

Pawar praised the language saying, “we should consider Urdu schools and education, but along with Urdu, we have to consider the main language of a state.”

The Congres leader admitted that unemployment was an issue across all communities in India. However, minorities needed more attention in the matter and acknowledged that their complaints were genuine.

Praising the Muslim community, Pawar said that Muslims could contribute to many fields through Urdu. 

“They had quality and capacity,” he said, but need “support and equal opportunity”.


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