How to get a Permanent Remote Job

how to get a permanent remote job
how to get a permanent remote job

How to get a Permanent Remote Job

After the Corona Pandemic 2019 demand for Remote jobs is Increasing Rapidly. Many Companies worldwide are hiring employees remotely. You have to work like a permanent employee of our company but by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Indeed is the best platform to get a Permanent Remote Job. If you have any skills like Graphic design, Web Development, Animation, App Development, Video Editing, Digital Media Marketing, etc. still you are still jobless then Start searching for your remote job on Indeed today, and work for the big US Organizations. Today our team will share How to get a Remote Job on Indeed Perment.

How to get a Permanent Remote Job on Indeed

First Step (Creating Account):

In the First Step, you have to create your account on by using your valid E-mail address. And after creating your Account you have to complete your profile very carefully and professionally.

Add the Following Things to your Profile.

  1. Add your Skills.
  2. Add your brief Introduction.
  3. Add your other notable projects (if any).
  4. Add your contact information like your Contact Number, Website, Skype, etc.
  5. Add your Educational record.
  6. Add your Training and certifications.
  7. Add your Work Experience.

Second Step (Indeed US Access):

After You add all the above info your Profile will be updated. But to get a Remote Job at a US company, you have to use a VPN to get access to the Indeed US website. So in the Second step, you have to install a VPN select your location in US. and then open the Indeed website.

Third Step (Apply for a Remote Job):

In the 3rd step, you will go to the Find Jobs page. Enter your Skill in which you are looking for a job, and also select your desired location.

This is an Image of the Indeed Find Jobs Page.
This is an Image of the Indeed Find Jobs Page.

after adding your skill and location click on the Remote option shown in the above image or Filter Remote Jobs. You can also filter a sub-skill (For example in Digital Marketing your expertise is only in Facebook Marketing), Salary, Experience level, etc.

Image of Indeed Remote Jobs.

After This, you can check all the jobs and Apply for all the jobs that are suitable for you. My Suggestion is to apply Check all the US locations and apply for as many jobs as you can get. After reviving your CV Employer will invite you for an online Interview & maybe a test or a successful candidate will be called for a Permanent remote job.

Follow all the above steps or try to apply for new jobs daily. And always apply for a job that is relevant to your experience, because most employers only hire people with relevant experience.


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