June 7, 2023

Infant girl dies in India as charging mobile phone kept near her explodes


A burnt charpoy is seen at the site of the incident. — Times of India
A burnt charpoy is seen at the site of the incident. — Times of India 
  • Baby sustains fatal burn injuries due to explosion in mobile phone. 
  • Keypad phone with already swollen battery explodes after over charging.
  • Police say body handed over to family as no one pressed any charges. 

A baby girl sustained severe burn injuries when her mother’s mobile phone kept next to her on charging mode exploded, in a tragic incident in Bareilly, what police termed a “matter of negligence by the parents”.

It was a keypad phone with an already swollen battery that was plugged into a switch connected to a solar panel, Times of India reported.

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Eight-month-old Neha was rushed to hospital where she succumbed to her wounds during the course of treatment. However, no legal complaint has been lodged regarding the incident, the police said, adding that the body was handed over to family after due procedure.

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As per the report, Neha’s father, Suneel Kumar Kashyap, is a 30-year-old labourer who lives in an under-construction house with no power connection. The family uses a solar plate and a battery for lighting and other electricity uses. 


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