India hospital under fire for injecting dengue patient with ‘mosambi juice’

A man holds a transfusion packet containing fruit juice.— NDTV
A man holds a transfusion packet containing fruit juice.— NDTV
  • Privately owned hospital in India likely to be bull-dozed.
  • Dengue patient died after staff injected fruit juice.
  • Three-member panel investigating matter.

A privately owned hospital in India’s Uttar Pradesh is likely to be bull-dozed after it came under fire for allegedly injecting a dengue patient with fruit juice instead of blood platelets.

Staff at Global Hospital and Trauma Centre in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj reportedly injected mosambi juice, a lime fruit, into a 32-year-old patient who died following the incident.

The hospital has received a notice from the Prayagraj Development Authority, seeking a reply from the management. The notice has also claimed that the building is “illegally constructed”.

Local Indian media reported that the hospital management has been directed to vacate the building by October 28.

Pradeep Pandey, the victim of the hospital’s incompetence, died after the juice was given to him instead of platelets. Pandey’s brother-in-law said that he was holding on to the fifth bag of juice which he will hand over to the officials as evidence.

The Indian Express reported that a three-member panel was investigating the matter.

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