Black bear crashes kid’s birthday picnic

Black bear in the grass. — Unsplash
Black bear in the grass. — Unsplash

A black bear crashed a birthday picnic in Connecticut, United States, making a beeline for the family’s cupcakes.

The couple, Rauf and Laura Majidian, were able to take a video of the bear as it casually raided a table of food laid out for their son’s birthday party. 

The small picnic was for two-year-old Cyrus. The keen ursine munched on a few cupcakes before it wandered off back to the woods.

Laura told WTNH News they were all safe but admitted she was “freaked out” when it happened. She added that all the adults at the picnic quickly carried the children inside upon seeing the ursid.

Rauf reported that they heard a loud sound after which they were shocked to find the animal behind them eating off of the table.

He told HLN’s Weekend Express that it ignored all their attempts to scare it off.

“We were screaming at the bear but he wasn’t fazed.”

Over 8,000 bear sightings have been reported in the southernmost state,  according to the energy and environmental protection agency’s wildlife division, reported The Guardian.

The black bear has an excellent sense of smell and hearing. Being able to detect even the slightest aroma of food, it is often seen around homes and campsites.

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