Hi Do you want to Work From Home Jobs? Do you want Make Money Online and easy Without Any Investment?

But you dont know what you have to do. In this article I will share with you 10 Best Work From Home that you can do from your home with the help of the Internet. Most of people can do from your smartphones only.

But few time options you need Laptop and Desktop .All Work From Home Jobs you can do Online without any investments.

I would be very happy if you start your online jobs and become more successful than after reading this blog article.

Before 2021 people wanted to work from home job and save time spend more time with family. But after COVID-19 every one trying to jobs online work from home as much as possible . Many people have lost permanent jobs in Lockdown time.

I will tell you more 10 online jobs on which you have to invest time instead of money. That mean you can’t become rich for doing one day online jobs from home 1 week. Minimum to minimum you have to spend 4 months to 11 months. Previously I was a Private Mathematics tutor.

So I was doing my online jobs wit the free times. You are doing online jobs without earning a single amount then you can’t survive long. So to earn money from other sources and then work from home online jobs.

1. Earn Money from Blogging

You want Make Money Online From Home in 2022 then Blogging will be the best option for you. You want to start blogging then first you need a website. You can create your free website blog from Blogspot.com .

But if you want to make blogging full-time Career then my suggestion would be buying a domain and hosting start your website on WordPress. In this case if you are new in this filed you have to invest at least 3000-4000 for a year.

After publishing your website you just have to write a article on regular basis with proper On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.I have start this website 1 May 2021 and now I am earning a good decent amount from this blog.

You can earn money from website Blogging with many sources.

Google Adsense

The source of earning for many bloggers is Google Adsense. It is a very genuine and reliable source of earning from online. Earn money from website / Blogging with Google Adsense you have complete some steps.

Setup and design your Website

  • Create basic pages like disclaimer privacy policy , contact us, about us , sitemap , terms and conditions.
  • Submit your website / blog on Google Search Console.
  • Write articles with minimum 500+ words. Write a minimum 30 to 35 articles before applying for Adsense.
  • Create social media accounts with your blog / website name.
  • Link your site with google analytics and check from sources your visitors are coming. it is coming from organic sources like google search.
  • Then apply for Adsense. In my case after following these steps AdSense apply within 2 days.

Affiliate Marketing

Many Bloggers don’t use Google Adsense as their primary source of income. You might be thinking then from which source are earning a lot of money? It is coming from Affiliate Marketing.

For example,

If you earning from Google Adsense 1000$ a month then you could earn 6-10 times for than this with Affiliate Marketing. You can start with Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Many other popular bloggers earn money from other affiliate sources well related to their niche.

Paid Promotion

This is popular source to earn money from blogging. If your site is getting very good decent amount of views per month then brands will look your site. If they want and if your site is related niche then will approach you. For example

Your site is related to Laptop Review then company will ask you to write a article about their new laptop.

2. Free Make Money Online from YouTube Channel

Youtube and Blogging both have many similarities and difference as well. You want to grow your YouTube Channel and Blogging Site then you to do proper SEO. Both depend on Google Search.

A lot of user loves to join YouTube over Blogging in 2022 because on YouTube you don’t have to invest a single rupees. Blogging your website gains traffic then probably you have to upgrade hosting plans. But on YouTube is nothing to worry about. You can upload millions of HD Videos all will be saved in your channel.

In Blogging you can apply for Google Adsense after following steps while in YouTube to earn money from Google Adsense you need 1000 Subscribers or 4000 Hour Watchtime with last year.

I said YouTube and Blogging are similar. You published content in video format in Youtube while in Blogging you are publishing content in text format. You read again the above earning sources of blogging which are similar to YouTube.

3. Freelancing

This is popular way to earn money online freelancing with zero investments in 2022. In Freelancing you can jobs your clients and if they satisfied they will pay you. You can choose the perfect job for you a lot of options available. Some of are list below.

  • Designing and Web Development .
  • Writing
  • Copy Paste Jobs
  • Graphic Designing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Article Writing
  • Photography
  • Logo Designing

Not only this above few jobs but there are many more other options available with jobs you can do and work from home. From Freelancing you can easily make a huge amount of money online in 2022. This is top Freelancing Sites in world.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. Guru, etc.

4. Data Entry Jobs

This is Online Work Home Jobs for which you need a Desktop and Laptop. Yes we can do this from smart mobile as well but it is quite impossible.

There is many online company available on which you can do Data Entry Jobs Online. You can Data Entry Jobs from Freelancing Sites. Other companies also available which offers data entry jobs page typing job form filling job etc. You want buy a premium subscription for starting your online work.

But my suggestion You start with Captcha Entry Jobs. One time you get your first payment after buy a premium subscription. For 1000 Captcha entry Digital one Pakistan will pay you 150 Rs. You can withdraw your money it passed over Rs 500.

5. Social Media Influencer

Many people ask me which is the more stylish and beautiful jobs we can from our home. And I always tell you its Social Media Marketing. Many people have own YouTube Channel’s and they upload comedy funny or informative videos.

When they gain subscribers views and like then audience they told them to follow them on Facebook Instagram Twitter . You ever think about why they say this. He said because currently Instagram is on trending. Many brands contacts on Instagram influencers to promote products.

You do not start your Instagram Account till now Create your account soon as possible and try to post best valuable contents on Instagram. It is not to gain Instagram Followers if you upload content on regular basis.

In Pakistan 90% of us thinks we are not very good looking people we can’t grow. But the fact in Social Media Content is the king. You are providing best valuable content then people will definitely follow you because he want to see your next content.

6. Telegram Marketing

Time to time Telegram is becoming a very good source to earn money online. You can promote affiliate links , applications to earn money from Telegram. You have a decent number of Telegram Subscribers then you can not imagine how much money earn make from Telegram. I have currently three Telegram Channel‘s with 5k subscribers each and it gives me monthly 20000 with zero investment.

You can earn money from telegram using affiliate marketing like Flipkart , Amazon , myntra or others. Also, you can promote apps fantasy apps website links. If your telegram channel has a good number of subscribers then you can easily generate 110000 to 16000 a month.

My last month earning from Telegram Channel was 15000 from these three ways.

  • Sharing App Links (7000/Month)
  • Amazon Affiliate Link Sharing (8000/Month)
  • URL Short (1200/Month)

7. Online Survey Jobs

You want to earn some extra money in your free times and Online Survey Jobs for students would be a great option for you. we can start Online Survey Work From Home Jobs without any investment.

These are many of companies available who will pay you for Surveys. Before launching a new product big companies launch survey about those products. Through this online surveys get a decent idea about product.

But two question comes in our mind.

  1. How can we earn money from Online Survey Jobs in Pakistan?
  2. How much can we are earn from Online Survey Jobs?

The simple answer of the two questions are you can make money from online surveys. We all know about Google Opinion Reward Online is exactly like this.

The 2nd question answers is you can make a very good decent amount of money from Online Surveys. According to Sure job in article you get paid $2 to $12 for each survey and you can easily make $350 to $600 month if you spend 30 minutes a day.

8. Online Tutor

You want to become a teacher and teaching is your hobby you can earn money from educating people online. There are many of websites in Pakistan available if you join these sites then we can earn money by teaching students through the app.

You are can connect with students anytime and from anywhere . There are many of websites available for Online Tutor Jobs without any investments. Two of them most popular are,

  • Vedantu Online Teaching
  • Unacademy Educator

By Ayan Khan

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