People in India hold frog weddings in hopes of rain amid droughts

In Indias Assam, two frogs get married in hopes of appeasing the god of rain. — Reuters
In India’s Assam, two frogs get married in hopes of appeasing the god of rain. — Reuters

It is not uncommon in India’s Assam to get frogs married during extreme temperatures when there are droughts and less rain, local Indian media reported.

In many Assam villages, it is believed that frog weddings bring rain. Desperate for monsoon and the protection of their crops, villagers arrange a lavish ceremony for the union of two frogs which is to please Lord Indra, the god of rains in Hindu mythology. 

Indian Express reported that it is to impress “Barun Devta”.

Like a usual Hindu wedding, vermillion is applied to the female frog tying her to her partner for life. The bride and groom are kept apart and dressed up before the ceremony.

Hundreds of villagers gather and Vedic hymns are recited. The two frogs live in different “houses”. Once the marriage takes place, the bride is sent to the groom’s house in a decorated hand cart. 

Eventually, the couple is released into a pond for mating. Villagers strongly believe that the marriage leads to dark clouds in the sky and heavy downpours reported EastMojo.

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