Islam is the second biggest faith withinside the globe after Christianity, with approximately 1.eight billion Muslims worldwide.

Although its roots cross again further, students normally date the advent of Islam to the seventh century, making it the youngest of the important international religions. Islam began out in Mecca, in modern Saudi Arabia, in the course of the time of the prophet Muhammad’s lifestyles. Today, religion is spreading swiftly at some point in the international.

Islam Facts

  • Followers of Islam are referred to as Muslims.
  • Muslims are monotheistic and worship one, all-understanding God, who in Arabic is called Allah.
  • Followers of Islam purpose to stay lifestyles of entire submission to Allah. They agree that not anything can show up without Allah’s permission, however, human beings have a loose will.
  • Islam teaches that Allah’s phrase became discovered to the prophet Muhammad thru the angel Gabriel.
  • Muslims trust numerous prophets who had been despatched to educate Allah’s law. They appreciate a number of equal prophets as Jews and Christians, which includes Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Jesus. Muslims contend that Muhammad turned into the very last prophet.

Mosques are locations wherein Muslims worship


The prophet Muhammad, every so often spelled Mohammed or Mohammad, turned into born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 570 A.D. Muslims trust he turned into the very last prophet despatched through God to expose their religion to mankind.

  •  At the same time as he changed into meditating in a cave. The angel ordered Muhammad to recite the phrases of Allah.
  • Muslims agree that Muhammad persevered to obtain revelations from Allah during the relaxation of his lifestyles.
  • Starting in approximately 613, Muhammad started out preaching for the duration of Mecca the messages he received. He taught that there has been no different God however Allah and that Muslims ought to dedicate their lives to this God.


In 622, Muhammad traveled from Mecca to Medina together along with his supporters. This adventure has become called the Hijra (additionally spelled Hegira or Hijrah), and marks the start of the Islamic calendar.

  • Some seven years later, Muhammad and his many fans back to Mecca and conquered the region. He persevered to evangelize till his demise in 632.

Caliphate System

  • When Umar turned into assassinated six years after being named caliph, Uthman, Muhammad’s son-in-law, took the role.
  • Uthman turned into additionally killed, and Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law changed into decided on as the subsequent caliph.
  • During the reign of the primary 4 caliphs, Arab Muslims conquered big areas withinside the Middle East, along with Syria, Palestine, Iran, and Iraq. Islam additionally unfolds at some point in regions in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • The caliphate gadget lasted for hundreds of years and ultimately advanced into the Ottoman Empire, which managed huge areas withinside the Middle East from approximately 1517 till 1917 when World War I ended the Ottoman reign.

Sunnis and Shiites

  • When Muhammad died, there has been debate over who ought to update him as a leader. This brought about a schism in Islam, and main sects emerged: the Sunnis and the Shiites.
  • Sunnis make up almost ninety percent of Muslims worldwide. They take delivery of that the primary 4 caliphs have been the real successors to Muhammad.
  • Shiite Muslims accept as true with that simplest the caliph Ali and his descendants are the actual successors to Muhammad. They deny the legitimacy of the primary 3 caliphs. Today, Shiite Muslims have a sizeable presence in Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Other Types of Islam

Other, smaller Muslim denominations in the Sunni and Shiite corporations exist. Some of those include:

Wahhabi: This Sunni sect, made of participants of the Tameem tribe in Saudi Arabia, changed into based withinside the 18th century. Followers take a look at a really strict interpretation of Islam that become taught through Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab.

Alawite: This Shiite shape of Islam is widely widespread in Syria. Followers keep comparable ideals approximately the caliph Ali however additionally have a look at a few Christian and Zoroastrian vacations.

Nation of Islam: This typically African-American, Sunni sect turned into based withinside the Nineteen Thirties in Detroit, Michigan.

Kharijites: This sect broke from the Shiites after disagreeing over a way to choose a brand new leader. They are recognized for radical fundamentalism and nowadays are known as Ibadis.

The Quran.

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The Quran (from time to time spelled Qur’an or Koran) is taken into consideration as the maximum essential holy ebook amongst Muslims.

  • It includes a few simple data this is located withinside the Hebrew Bible in addition to revelations that had been given to Muhammad. The textual content is taken into consideration the sacred phrase of God and supersedes any preceding writings.
  • Most Muslims trust that Muhammad’s scribes wrote down his phrases, which have become the Quran. (Muhammad himself become in no way taught to study or write.)
  • The ebook is written with Allah because of the first individual, thru Gabriel to Muhammad.

Scholars agree with the Quran changed into compiled quickly after Muhammad’s loss of life, beneath neath the steerage of Caliph Abu Bakr.

Islamic Calendar

The Islamic calendar, additionally referred to as the Hijra calendar, is a lunar calendar utilized in Islamic spiritual worship. The calendar commenced withinside the yr 622 A.D., celebrating the adventure of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina.

The Islamic calendar suggests the right days of Islamic vacations and celebrations, such as the duration of fasting and prayer called Ramadan, which happens for the duration of the 9th month of the calendar.

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