India’s tea stall named ‘Frustrated Dropout’ accepts payment in Bitcoin

A unique tea shop in Indias Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, called Frustrated Dropout. — Twitter
A unique tea shop in India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, called “Frustrated Dropout”. — Twitter 

A unique tea shop in India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, called “Frustrated Dropout” has grabbed everyone’s attention for accepting payments in Bitcoin.

Shubham Saini, who dropped out of his BCA course, started his small tea business by setting up a stall. In pictures, some packets of instant noodles are seen on a table and the banner behind the youngster reads chal chai peetay hain, meaning “let us have tea”.

“We make your tea in earthen-friendly pots and serve it in kulhad,” it says. 

With a Bitcoin symbol on it, a board on the stall clearly states “Cryptocurrency accepted here”. Other payment details show that the tea costs INR20 or $0.26.

Saini told Indian Express that he saw a 1,000% jump in his crypto portfolio after investing Rs150,000 and getting back Rs30,00,000 in return.

However, unfortunately, the market crashed in 2019 just when Saini thought he would become a star in the crypto world.

“I was back to square one,” said Saini saying he could not believe his life changed in a night.

Social media users were impressed by the young man running a chai shop via “sarcasm and phone”.

A confused user said he had a lot of questions about this payment method: “How does he accept crypto? Which all coins are accepted? How does he decide the exchange rate?”

Another user called it “next-level marketing”.

“If you know this guy, pass him another idea: NFT chai: own the chai you drink,” another Twitter user said.

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