May 31, 2023

Groom live-paints bride’s portrait awes netizens


The groom and bride stand next to the latters portrait during their wedding function. — Screengrab via video/Instagram/@varun.jarsania
The groom and bride stand next to the latter’s portrait during their wedding function. — Screengrab via video/Instagram/@varun.jarsania

Couples often pull off grand gestures for one another during marriage festivities and go viral after sharing it on social media. But a groom in India had a simpler yet loving plan to woo his bride-turned-wife on their wedding day.

In the bid to get his wife the most perfect gift on their matrimonial union, the groom Varun Jarsania presented his better half Pratha Vadaria with her portrait made using only black paint.

But, there’s a catch to this unique painting.

For the past few days, a video of Varun kept surfacing on the internet in which he could be seen surprising his wife with not an expensive present or an emotional dance, but a live upside-down painting of Pratha’s portrait with black paint on a blank canvas.

The groom used his artistic talent to gift his wife the painting made by himself in the middle of their wedding function. Once the painting was completed, he flips it upside down to reveal the actual artwork  — outline of his wife’s face. Varun also posted a video of his doting gesture towards his wife sharing it on social media.

“Groom dancing for his Bride is too common!! Ye dekho kuch alag (Look at this something different)!!! Love for my Bride & now wifey!!” the groom wrote, captioning his post on Instagram.

The video — garnering 232,783 likes — has gone viral leaving several netizens awed by Varun’s love for his bride.

“Thank you for not just not doing “kuch alag” as a groom but for trying to do “kuch alag” every possible day of our lives…,” an Instagram user commented under the groom’s post.

Another user wrote, “He raised the bar way too high for everyone else.”

While one stated that Varun’s “Talent at the Next Level”.


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