A laptop becomes a necessity for everyone because this world is becoming more and more technical nowadays. We have to carry our laptops with us to universities, offices, and markets. If we carry our laptop in a bag, it will be safe from any damages. A bag will protect your laptop from scratches and harshness. But, now if you are facing a problem to get more comfortable in low price bag. Then, don’t be worried about this situation. We are going to introduce some platforms where you can buy the best laptop bags for under $300.

The price will be affordable and in the good stuff. So, let us inform you about the best laptop bags with their specification.

HP Lightweight 15.6 Laptop Sleeves

This 15.6-inch diagonal laptop bag is padded to protect your laptop from scrapes and bumps. You can carry it as a sleeve or attach the shoulder strap to hold it into a slim and stylish briefcase. Moreover, this amazing bag is designed with water-resistant fabric to protect your laptop. You can hold your tech without any stress.


  • Organized protection
  • Your bag, your way, easy to carry
  • Water-resistant, tension-free
  • Easy access pockets

Price:   $ 25.59

HP 14 Reversible Protective Sleeve Bag

One most interesting thing about this bag is reversible design lets you change up the color whenever you want. With the zipper-less closure, your laptop can enjoy a secure and reliable fit. Moreover, it has a slim profile that allows fitting within your current backpack, briefcase, or tote. This flexible bag protects your PC from everyday bumps and scratches. You can take your laptop with confidence anywhere.


  • Switch up the style
  • Slim design
  • Everyday protection
  • Peace of mind coverage

Price:   $19.99

HP Envy Urban 15.6 Sleeve

This bag has a great classic look and feel. It is made with natural-toned fabric and full-grain leather handles. You can protect your laptop from everyday bumps and drops. Additionally, it has a secure pocket that helps protect your credit card information from thieves.


  • Peace of mind in any weather
  • Soft compartment for all-day protection
  • Minimalist design. Maximum durability
  • Safeguard your sensitive information

Price:   $25.59

HP Renew Sleeve Bag

This amazing bag is made of plastics. Firstly, it helps you to keep plastic out of the environment by using a 13v inches laptop bag made of recycled plastic bottles. Secondly, its shape construction fit and modern design with minimal waste. The zipperless design with a magnetic closure provides a convenient and good fit for your laptop.


  • Thoughtful, innovative construction
  • Plastic bottles turned into modern protection
  • Magnetic closure
  • Light, slim, designed to fit

Price:         $44.99

HP Pavilion Gaming Backpack 300

This flexible amazing bag is designed for those who game anywhere. This backpack transforms the way you travel. You can take your laptop in this bag as well as headset and gaming essentials. The exterior is water-resistant and has an organic design.


  • Ultimate organization
  • Can hold your headset
  • Transforms the way you travel

Price:          $35.99

HP Laptop Backpack

You can keep your laptop, tablet secure within this wonderful bag. It has a picket for quick access to your phone, keys, and other essentials. The bag comes equipped with exterior water bottle pockets for easy storage.


  • Organize your essentials
  • Dedicated laptop and tablet pockets
  • Water within easy reach

Price:       $29.99

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