1. Lexus – 90.85%

Key points: Lexus proprietors are extremely joyful, over again, with the pleasant, design, and riding revel in presented through their automobiles.

The average proportion of proprietors with faults: 11.1%

Ah, Lexus, welcome back, your throne awaits. The top-class Japanese automobile maker wins our Driver Power logo survey in 2020, and for the fourth in a row

Other agencies can be envious, however, there’s no mystery to Lexus’s repeated wins. Owners inform us no different producer builds extra dependable automobiles.

For example, nor does any provide cars that are constructed to a better standard.

Lexus proprietors additionally love the manner the appearance of their vehicle, inner and out, without a different maker constructing their cabins higher.

And as soon as out at the road, lifestyles at the back of the wheel of a Lexus seems to be first-rate, with the organization making brakes and guidance structures which are stated to be sharp, and making the sure journey pleasant is comfortable.

All those factors make a contribution to a deeply worthwhile riding revel in, proprietors say, whilst protection is any other sturdy point, with the Lexus Safety System + suite of system gambling 2nd mess around handiest to Subaru.

But even as we hate to rain at the victor’s parade, it’d be remiss now no longer to spotlight that there’s one detail of existence with a Lexus that disappoints.

Buyers can be organized for barely excessive gasoline bills, however, they’ll be much less inclined to disregard the bad marks for Lexus’s infotainment structures. Yet forget this and the corporation can do nearly no wrong, however.

2. Kia – 90.84%

Key points: Fantastic in maximum areas; acceleration is set the best black mark.

The average percentage of proprietors with faults: 13.3%

Kia might also additionally have claimed pole role with the Sorento in our rundown of the quality new motors to own, however, it has to accept silver in our emblem survey.

Mind you, it’s now no longer as though Kia proprietors document a good deal withinside the manner of hardship.

playing infotainment structures which might be extra magnificent than some other logo’s, together with gigantic ranges of practicality, sturdy reliability, and cabins which might be stated to be nicely constructed and designed, in addition to offering drivers with a very good view out.

You additionally reckon Kia is aware of an issue or in terms of journey and handling, telling us the Korean agency’s vehicles have responsive steerage and brakes, journey properly, and are fun to force.

So what maintains Kia off pinnacle place, and what should it do to win in 2021? May construct quicker automobiles, for one component, with an as a substitute poor acceleration rating losing the drivetrain class to (just) under average. But, in reality, that’s approximately it.

3. Subaru – 90.60%

Key points: Astonishing scores; if most effective Subarus have been less expensive to run, though. The average percentage of proprietors with faults: 12.1%

Subaru might be in with a risk of triumphing our Driver Power logo survey have been in now no longer for 2 key

The first worries the enterprise’s drivetrains, which proprietors of its automobiles say deliver alternatively sluggish acceleration, collectively with a truthful quantity of noise.

The 2d foremost problem pertains to walking expenses. As some distance as Subaru is concerned, this hassle comes up often in our Driver Power reviews, and it appears the organization maintains to construct motors that have something of a flavor for gasoline.

But those problems are smooth to put together for, at least, and if you’re glad to do that, you’re additionally possibly to be satisfied with nearly the entirety else that pertains to lifestyles with a Subaru.

No different organization has higher protection structures, you assert, even as its automobiles also are immensely gratifying to pressure, have tip-pinnacle interiors, and may be relied upon to begin while you want them to.

Given those results, it’s smooth to peer why Subaru proprietors have a tendency to be a faithful lot.

4. Mazda – 90.51%

Key points: Cheap to run, amusing to force, and precise-looking – what’s now no longer to like? The average proportion of proprietors with faults: 14.5%

Whatever Mazda is doing proper now, it needs to maintain doing it, as some distance as proprietors is concerned.

Modern Mazda shoppers are extremely joyful with nearly in their automobiles, announcing that they appearance is gorgeous, and are properly screwed.

These superb impressions retain inner, given cabin nice is stated to be notable, and indoors styling is nicely-regarded, too.

Mazda proprietors additionally say their automobiles deal with very properly, include robust protection features, and don’t fee plenty to run.

You additionally actually like Mazda’s infotainment structures, in all likelihood due to the fact the corporation has stated it considers buttons and dials a higher opportunity to an over-reliance on touchscreen technology.

But even though this attention might also additionally chime with many, it appears Mazda should do with turning its interest to practicality.

While this end result isn’t always disastrous, it seems proprietors would really like extra child-pleasant features and extra bendy seating arrangements.

5. Skoda – 90.26%

Key points: Fantastic marks nearly throughout the board, however, styling lacks inspiration. The average percentage of proprietors with faults: 17.2%

Our pinnacle-rated emblem from inside the Volkswagen Group, and a long-time favorite amongst Auto Express readers, Skoda does many, many stuff very, very nicely.

The no different corporation builds extra realistic motors, for instance, with Skoda stealing the limelight right here over again way to considerable boots, wonderful kid-pleasant features, and a wealth of indoor garage spaces.

Skoda cabins also are properly constructed and properly styled, at the same time as the organization’s infotainment services galvanize with their exceptional cellphone connectivity and smooth-to-use

Running fees are some other Skoda robust point, even though tremendous servicing costs are offset through so-so gasoline economy.

But you want how your Skodas pressure, giving proper reviews at the steerage, brakes and experience best. If Skoda wishes to paintings on one area, though, it is able to be its styling.

While you assert present-day Skodas are quite nicely constructed at the outside, you’re now no longer definitely concerned about their looks.

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