June 2, 2023

Tim Cook spills beans that can land you a job at Apple


Men working in an office. —  Unsplash
Men working in an office. —  Unsplash

Many young people dream of working with the tech giant Apple. In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed five traits that the company is searching in its new employees.

Speaking to the students at the University of Naples Frederico II in Italy, he gave the following tips:

Change the world 

The CEO said that Apple had people who wanted to change the world and improve lives to “leave the world better than they found it”. He said that this was the kind of feeling that drove the employees to do “their best”.


Cook said that the company realised the strength of team work. He said a strong individual can contribute a lot but two such individuals can do even more “amazing work”. He added that different opinions on the table also “help ideas blossom”.


Apple’s iconic slogan “think different”, introduced in 1997, is still the company’s core ideology. Cook said in the speech said the tech giant was looking for people who could view a problem differently and not the way it is always viewed.


“It’s a cliché,” said Cook “but there are no stupid questions”.  He said that it was appreciated when people asked questions like curious kids. The employee must have the ability to make others think deeply.


Needless to say technical expertise is crucial. The employee has to have profound knowledge and command over the subject. Skill set, Cook said, should be visible “from their college days or through their work days”.

Youngsters can look at this list and see if they have what it takes to be an Apple employee.


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