June 6, 2023

Teacher undergoes gender change surgery to marry student


Teacher Aarav Kuntal with student Kalpana Fouzdar. — YouTube/screengrab
Teacher Aarav Kuntal with student Kalpana Fouzdar. — YouTube/screengrab

An Indian teacher underwent sex reassignment surgery and married one of her students after falling in love. 

Meera, a physical education teacher, belongs to Rajasthan, India. She fell in love with her student Kalpana Fouzdar and decided to change her gender to marry her. 

“Everything is fair in love and that is why I changed my gender,” the teacher said. 

Meera, who is now Aarav Kuntal, met her student at the school where he teaches. Kalpana, who plays kabaddi at the state level, took Meera’s physical education classes. 

“I was born a girl but I always thought I was a boy. I always wished to undergo surgery to change my gender. I had my first surgery in December 2019,” the teacher revealed. 

Meanwhile, the student said that she would have married her teacher even if she didn’t get surgery as she had been in love with her for a long time.  

“I loved him from the start. Even if he had not done this surgery, I would have married him. I went with him for the surgery,” said Kalpana. 

Their parents have accepted their marriage as well.


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