June 7, 2023

Sharjah police honour men who saved child dangling from 13th floor


Screengrab shows a child hanging from the 13th-floor window in the Al Taawun area of Sharjah. — Gulf Today
Screengrab shows a child hanging from the 13th-floor window in the Al Taawun area of Sharjah. — Gulf Today
  • Two men showed shocking courage and rescued four-year-old child.
  • It took 15 minutes to contact child’s parents, break into house and reach child.
  • Security guard asked workers to arrange as many bed covers as possible in case child falls.

Two men who showed shocking courage and rescued a four-year-old child hanging from the 13th floor of a residential building in Sharjah, UAE, were honoured for their bravery by Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police.

One man was an Arab resident while another was an Asian security guard at the tower. Al Shamsi praised the promptitude of the men, who dealt with the situation with patience and valour until the professional teams arrived, reported Gulf Today.

He added that Sharjah Police honours all those who cooperate with the police and play an active role within the society to enhance its safety and security.

The resident at the building who rescued the child, Adel Abdul Hafeez, said he had noticed maintenance workers screaming and pointing towards the higher floors. That is when he saw the child clinging to the window.

Adel asked his wife to call the police and rushed to the building guard for help. They teamed up and broke into the house where the child was alone.

“The kid was able to reach a point where it was very difficult to rescue,” he explained.

It took the duo 15 minutes to contact the child’s parents, break into the house and reach the child.

The security guard Mohammed Rahmatullah said that he asked the other workers to quickly arrange as many bed covers as possible in case the child falls.

For the men’s compassion, bravery, and quick thinking, Sharjah police honoured the two and praised them publicly.

This is not the first time that such acts have been reported, of people rushing to help those in peril. 

A man in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, warmed many hearts a few months ago with his heroic act of saving a three-year-old girl from falling from a height of at least 100 feet, The Independent reported. 

Another man in 2016 climbed six storeys to rescue a boy who got stuck in window bars at a residential building in southern China.


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