June 7, 2023

Pre and post purchase behaviour


Consumer choice making entails a non-stop glide of interactions among environmental elements and behavioral actions.

The manner of client choice making entails pre-buy data and publish-buy outcomes.

Pre-Purchase Behavior

When a customer realizes the wishes, he is going for an statistics seek. He does the same, in order that he could make the proper choice. He gathers the statistics approximately the following −

  • Product Brands
  • Products Variations
  • Product Quality
  • Product Alternatives.

The purchaser can collect statistics approximately a product relying on his age, gender, schooling and product’s price, chance and acceptance.

Types of Search Activities

The facts seek pastime may be categorized into diverse kinds inclusive of the following −


Specific type of sports are immediately associated with the hassle. These sorts of necessities want instantaneously assistance.


Consumers cross on with their studies for a specific time period in the event that they determine or in the event that they need to shop for a selected product. Ongoing sports essentially display the paintings in progress.


Now, something that we take a look at by the way or simply by chance or certainly comes beneathneath incidental studies. Such records may be determined in our every day habitual lives.

Following are the facts reassets available −

The statistics reassets are of sorts that are indexed beneathneath

Internal Sources − Internal reassets consists of the customer himself. Here he himself recollects the facts this is saved in his reminiscence and makes use of his stories.

External Sources − External reassets of records consist of all styles of interpersonal conversation with the outside surroundings including friends, own circle of relatives, advertising people, thru advertisements, etc.

Post-Purchase Behavior

All the sports and stories that observe buy are covered withinside the publish buy behavior. Usually, after creating a buy, clients enjoy publish-buy dissonance. They every so often remorse their choices made. It in particular takes place because of a big variety of options available, desirable overall performance of options or beauty of options, etc.

The entrepreneurs every so often want to guarantee the client that the selection made through them is the proper one. The dealer can point out or maybe spotlight the crucial capabilities or attributes and advantages of the product to cope with and clear up their worries if any.

  • A excessive degree of publish-buy dissonance is negatively associated with the extent of pleasure which the client attracts out of product usage. To lessen submit-buy dissonance, clients may also every so often even go back or change the product.

Need Recognition

The Consumer Decision Processes (additionally referred to as Buyer Decision Processes) talk to the choice-making levels that a patron undergoes before, during, and when they buy a product or service.

John Dewey delivered five levels which purchasers undergo while they’re thinking about a buy:

  1. Problem or want recognition
  2. Information seek
  3. Evaluation of options
  4. Purchase
  5. Post-buy behavior

Problem or Need Recognition

This is the primary degree of the Consumer Decision Process wherein the purchaser is capable of apprehend what the hassle or want is and subsequently, what product or type of product might be capable of meet this want. It is often diagnosed because the first and maximum essential step withinside the system due to the fact if clients do now no longer understand a hassle or want, they typically will now no longer pass ahead with thinking about a product buy.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

  • American Psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow believes that wishes are organized in a hierarchy. Only after a human has executed the wishes of a sure degree, does he circulate to the following one. None of his posted works blanketed a visible illustration of the hierarchy.
  • The pyramidal diagram illustrating the Maslow desires hierarchy can also additionally were created through a psychology textbook writer as an illustrative device.
  • This now iconic pyramid regularly depicts the spectrum of human wishes, each bodily and mental, as accompaniment to articles describing Maslow’s wishes principle and can provide the affect that the Hierarchy of Needs is a hard and fast and inflexible collection of progression.
  • Yet, beginning with the primary book of his concept in 1943, Maslow defined human wishes as being especially fluid—with many wants being found in someone simultaneously.

According to Maslow’s concept, while a man or women ascends the ranges of the hierarchy having fulfilled the wishes withinside the hierarchy, one can also additionally ultimately reap self-actualization. Maslow ultimately concluded that self-actualization turned into now no longer an automated final results of pleasurable the alternative human wishes. Human wishes as recognized through Maslow:

  • At the lowest of the hierarchy are the “Basic wishes or Physiological wishes” of a individual: food, water, sleep and sex.
  • The subsequent degree is “Safety Needs: Security, Order, and Stability”. These steps are essential to the bodily survival of the person.

Once people have fundamental nutrition, safe haven and safety, they try to perform more. The 0.33 degree of want is “Love and Belonging”, which might be mental wishes; whilst people have sorted themselves physically, they may be geared up to percentage themselves with others, inclusive of with own circle of relatives and friends.

  • The fourth degree is finished while people sense snug with what they have got accomplished. This is the “Esteem” degree, the want to be able and diagnosed, along with thru fame and stage of success.

Then 5th is the “Cognitive” stage, wherein people intellectually stimulate themselves and explore.

Finally, there’s the “Aesthetic” degree, which is the want for concord, order and beauty.

At the pinnacle of the pyramid, “Need for Self-actualization” takes place whilst people attain a kingdom of concord and know-how due to the fact they’re engaged in attaining their complete potential.

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