June 2, 2023

Indian man slits woman’s throat, posts video of her last moments on internet


A representational image. — Reuters
A representational image. — Reuters

In a horrific incident, a man posted a video of a woman in which he is seen insulting the victim during her dying moments at a resort in Jabalpur, India after her throat was slit.

Three days after the body of the 25-year-old was found, the alleged killer released the video which went viral on the internet, Times of India reported.  

The selfie video shows the alleged killer saying “bewafai nahi karne ka (do not be unfaithful)” and then lifting the blanket from the victim, who was taking her final breaths.

The video further shows the girl taking her last breath, lying in bed with her throat slit. The police said that the video was posted on an Instagram account and the suspect is yet to be caught. 

The suspect posted another video and identified himself as Abhijit Patidar and said that he is a businessman. In the video, he confessed to killing the woman and said that the victim was “two-timing” him and his business partner. 

He also said that the victim took INR1 to 1.2 million from his business partner and he killed the girl following his partner’s instructions. However, the police do not believe his story. 

The police identified the man and are tracking him, who is using the victim’s Instagram account to post videos. 


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