Hi, everyone StomFiber is the top landline internet providing service of Pakistan competing with other PTCL. You are living in an urban or rural area of Pakistan this internet service is available for you. You will get the connections are 8 MB, 12 MB, 14 MB, 18 MB 50 MB, and 10 MB & 20 MB at affordable rates.

People use look satisfied with the good speed of StomFiber internet. When we talk about the service the authorities of their office co-operates with subscribers and tries their best to resolve users’ issues in 24 hours.

How To Pay Stormfiber Bill?

After 1-time connection charges in high because installing fess included then you have to pay every month internet bill for the internet package. There are several options to pay Stormfiber Bill. You can pay physically at retailers and bank counters. These are the possible methods to pay the Stormfiber bill:

  1. Online Payment MCB Bank
  2. OMNI Bank HBL Bank
  3. Askari Bank Faisal Bank

How To Pay Bill Online

You are pay Stormfiber Bill Online you have to visit this official website. Now we have given each step to pay bill online with master cards and Visa cards :

Open my.stormfiber.com
Now you creat sing-in into your account
Enter the User name and your register phone number
Now provide your password
Click on the Sign in button

How To Pay Bill Online
Select the “Pay By Card” option

You click the next page “Make Payment”

Enter basic bank card details

Enter the details & click pay
Click on the “Pay” button
Done! Your bill has been paid online.
Note: You can pay bills online through both debit & credit cards.

Payment in Banks

You can visit your nearest branch of OMNI, HBL, MCB, Faisal Bank & Askari to pay Stormfiber Bill physically. This is the second step to pay bills in the bank. We recommend our visitors to pay bills on bank branches for security reasons.

payments in banks

JazzCash & EasyPaisa Payment

It is very important to inform you that Stormfiber is not officially introduced payment through JazzCash & EasyPaisa. However in few coming months they will upgrade the payment trick to these services for users comfort according new updates .

JazzCash easy paisa bill payment

Online payment is only available on the official website and with the method mentioned above to you. Without that are you can not able to pay through other online payment sources Jazz cash Mobi cash and easy paisa. However, payment through the bank is possible and we also describe the bank’s names above.


Online payment is only available on the official website and Stormfiber Bill pays easy naya pay apps and installs new connection is nay pay app available function. See This app


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