Groom who left bride on wedding day unapologetic about breaking her heart

Image showing a bouquet lying on stairs. — Pixabay/ Olessya
Image showing a bouquet lying on stairs. — Pixabay/ Olessya

A groom who abandoned his bride on the wedding day and left her heartbroken has offered no apologies for his actions.

The story of the groom, identified as Kallum Norton, 24, was all over the press for not showing up on his wedding day on September 15. The incident took place in Wales, United Kingdom.

The move left his ex-fiancée, Kayley Stead, 27, heartbroken, but since she had spent a lot of money on the wedding attire and throwing a party, she continued celebrating the event with her friends and family, without the groom, The New York Post reported.

“I saw the groom at around 4 pm the day before the wedding and I haven’t heard from him since,” Stead, told local media.

Now that the press reached out to Norton and asked him about his ghosting act, he said he doesn’t “want to talk about about the article” related to the wedding fiasco, that appeared in different newspapers. 

According to the publication, Norton and Stead were in a relationship for four years, while they got engaged in August 2020.

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