June 2, 2023

Dragonfruit chai from Bangladesh spurs ‘yuck factor’ across social media


Dragonfruit chai somewhere in Bangladesh. — Screengrab via Instagram
Dragonfruit chai somewhere in Bangladesh. — Screengrab via Instagram

It is not uncommon for people to test different food combinations. Experimentation is crucial to the art of cooking and some culinary combinations even end up dividing the world like pineapple on pizza.

There are several videos of bizarre experiments from Fanta omelette to ice cream shawarma. The most recent addition to these combos is a “dragonfruit chai” in Bangladesh.

People in the subcontinent hold tea very close to their hearts and any experiment like this is nothing less than blasphemy against tea. 

A video on Instagram shows a Bangladeshi boy selling dragonfruit chai and people are not happy.

In the short clip, the young vendor can be seen preparing the tea’s milk with dragonfruit pulp.

He can even be seen adding condensed milk to the boiling tea by the end, giving the beverage a rosy hue.

“Pink Dragon Fruit chai all the way from Bangladesh!” read the caption of the post.

While a few social media users were ready to try the unusual recipe, others were confused. 

“How do you even enjoy this?” a user asked.

“What did I just see?” questioned another.


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