Dove company history fact

Dove company history fact


As Dove celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, the approach examines how the logo has advanced from a bar of cleaning soap to an international grasp logo. Along the way, we examine how messaging to girls has additionally advanced over this pivotal duration in ladies’ history


It turned into the patriarchal technology of suited, Brylcreemed guys smoking cigarettes, and flawlessly groomed housewives eagerly flitting around with a feather duster – at the least with inside the eyes of the media.

Most advertisers of this decade approached ‘the weaker sex’ with the condescending belief that they spent their days dreaming approximately new family home equipment or preening themselves to thrill their husbands.

  • When Lever Brothers’ unique Dove ‘splendor bar’ first hit the U.S. marketplace in 1957, advert messaging took a barely one of a kind technique from the norm, focusing on the belief that Dove turned into ‘plenty higher on your pores and skin’ than cleaning soap because of its mildness and its content material of ‘one-sector cleaning cream.’
  • Taglines such as ‘Suddenly cleaning soap is old-fashioned!’ and ‘Dove lotions your pores and skin at the same time as you wash’ driven the product’s factor of difference, collectively with its novel curved form and easy blue-and-gold packaging offering the unique dove chicken logo, which nevertheless seems on packaging today.
  • Black-and-white newspaper advertisements have been used along with the generation’s new media, TV – all created first of all through U.S.-primarily based totally Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather for Lever Brothers, then an American and Canadian subsidiary of Unilever, which shaped in 1930 while Lever merged with Dutch co Margarine Unie.
  • Many of the advertisements featured the photograph of cream being poured into the Dove bar to emphasize its moisturizing quality – every other signature Dove photograph that stays a staple today.
  • One of the earliest print commercials photos an ecstatic girl reclining in a tub (absolutely included via way of means of cleaning soap suds, of course), maintaining a Dove bar in a single hand and a phone receiver withinside the other. The show reproduction reads: ‘Darling, I’m having the maximum exceptional enjoy….I’m madly in Dove!’ In smaller replica, the female keeps to gush at period approximately her ‘definitely gorgeous’ bathing enjoy in an amusing, over-the-pinnacle monologue: ‘
  • Dove makes me sense all velvet and silk, all tender and smooth. Just the maximum pampered, the maximum spoiled, girliest female withinside the world. Darling, I’m purring.’

During its first decade, Dove marketing and marketing centered specifically at the facial blessings of the product, with the advent of the Dove Face Test marketing campaign. Print commercials and TV spots normally confirmed a close-up of a girl’s face as she washed 1/2 of in Dove and the opposite 1/2 of in ordinary cleaning soap, to sell Dove’s non-drying advantages.

  1. ‘Try the Dove face take a look at and shortly you’ll in no way wash with cleaning soap again,’ reads the tagline in a single such spot. At the time, Dove turned into provided with an undeniable white bar or a gently scented crimson bar.
  2. Then, as now, advertisers frequently used celebrities to recommend splendor products. Curiously, Groucho Marx’s unmistakable mug turned into certainly considered one among many well-known faces utilized in Dove’s TV commercials all through the past due Fifties and early ’60s


Following the feminist motion of the ’60s, extra ladies commenced to go into the body of workers and manage family spending, main advertisers to reconsider the strategies they had been the use to attain an increasing number of a vital marketplace segment. Advertising to ladies turned into not restrained to food, garb, and family products. And as girls step by step commenced being portrayed greater in expert roles, many marketing and marketing taboos commenced to be broken.

  • Tampons and sanitary pads have become ubiquitous in mainstream media through the mid-70s, for example. And in 1969, Wonderbra aired its first advert for the use of a stay version rather than a plastic mannequin. Previously unrecognized, girls additionally have become a critical untapped patron base for automobile restore sellers at some stage in the 1970s.
  • Virginia Slims cigarettes released its well-known female-focused marketing campaign in 1967 with the tagline: ‘You’ve come an extended way, baby.’ In the print advertisements, sepia-toned pix of glum 19th-century ladies have been juxtaposed with color pics of cheerful, cigarette-smoking contemporary-day gals.
  • In the past due to the ’60s, Dove first started out to use ‘actual girls’ in its marketing and marketing. The testimonials supposedly made earlier than a hidden camera, persisted the strategic recognition at the logo’s non-drying advantage into the 1970s. The fulfillment of this marketing campaign turned into such that the face-check spots have been discontinued.
  • This becomes a transitional duration wherein girls started out to interrupt loose from the shackles of the kitchen sink to flaunt their warm pants, even though they want for male approval nevertheless lingered, as proven through one 1971 Dove spot created with the aid of using Ogilvy withinside the U.S. ‘Dinner Party’ indicates a forlorn-searching girl serving beverages to her birthday celebration guests, looking to be observed as her husband chats merrily with a more youthful lady.
  • The voiceover reads: ‘Somewhere among the vacuum purifier and the kitchen sink you purchased older, and it indicates…You can assist your pores and skin appear more youthful. Change from cleaning soap to Dove.’

Another collection of spots evolved withinside the U.S. in 1975 featured a fictional beautician, ‘Liz,’ who demonstrates the strength of Dove to her dry-skinned customers.

And it turned into at some point of the ’70s that Ogilvy produced the primary specific Canadian work, persevering with the ‘actual ladies’ testimonial layout evolved withinside the U.S.


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