June 2, 2023

Dan Bilzerian Married? Internet Playboy Posts Cryptic Wedding Photo

Dan Bilzerian Married? Internet Playboy Posts Cryptic Wedding Photo

Dan Bilzerian has sent his army of fratboys and crypto-bros into a spin this week after he posted a cryptic photo that seems to imply he’s officially tied the knot. In the post, which was shared to his 32.9 million Instagram followers, Bilzerian can be seen dressed to the nines in a stunning all-black tuxedo, linked arm in arm with a beautiful partner clutching a bouquet of white flowers. Adding fuel to the fire, Bilzerian captioned the picture “I finally did it”, suggesting the poker playing, cigar smoking, marijuana growing entrepreneur has finally ditched his playboy person for good.

Dan Bilzerian Wedding Rumours

While the internet was quick to jump on the admiration train, throwing out a swathe of congratulatory messages and hearts, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s probably something deeper at play. Bilzerian is widely known to be a troll, taking great pleasure in having a bit of fun with his enormous social following.

Just a few months back, the Ignite CEO and founder posted a picture of him playing tennis with a gigantic racquet simply with the caption “Don’t take yourself too seriously”, while back in 2016, he famously referenced his ‘chicken legs’. Over the years, he’s been no stranger to trolling critics with a trademark I-don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude, making us think the Dan Bilzerian wedding picture is just another off-the-cuff post from the social media mega-star.

Taking a closer look at the recent post, which aside from a simple French Riviera geo-tag was practically devoid of any context, you start to pull apart the rumors. First off, his partner arrives in a sage green dress, a popular option for bridesmaids.

Sure, the notion of wearing all-white is rather dated and traditionalist, but it’s still commonplace and this image would suggest his partner isn’t necessarily the blushing bride-to-be.

Also, it goes directly against statements the 41-year-old son of corporate takeover specialist, Paul Bilzerian has previously made. Over the years, Bilzerian’s lavish Instagram lifestyle has been characterized by thousands of gorgeous women, endless parties, and high-rolling endeavors, making him the ultimate embodiment of every teenage boy’s fantasy.

While most of us tend to grow out of that phase, the 41-year-old with the affinity for guns has leaned into it, with a 2014 post confirming he was firmly anti-marriage.

Dan Bilzerian’s latest post on Instagram has left his fans in a frenzy. The Armenian-American poker player, who is famous for his flashy and wild lifestyle, was away from social media for a while. He made a comeback on Instagram on Monday, and his latest post seems to have baffled the internet.

Dan Bilzerian was away from social media for a few weeks; his previous post was at least four weeks old.

However, he did make up for his absence on Monday when he shared a picture, leaving his fans speculating if he recently got married.

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