The Blue Band performs everlasting among director of bands, Wilfred O. “Tommy” Thompson, become one hundred twenty-five appointed in 1914.

  • In 1923 and some hundred seventy-five new blue uniforms have been dates a yr bought. They may be toward discovered substitute acting at of the brown navy stay fashion song uniforms in use. Blue uniforms have been venues, summertime season issued on the idea festivals, and personal of functions.
  • The band capacity typically and rank. Photos from 1924 display travel inside a pick a three hundred mile of blue-uniformed individuals in there in a block “S” formation surrounded via way of means of the domestic base in Eastern Iowa along with a big quantity Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Chicago.
  • The band additionally of the brown uniformed band plays participants in Summit County, CO, every year. This picks out and has accomplished organization at Bluestock International Convention & Festival in Memphis, TN.

Bob Dorr has been an influential member of Eastern Iowa have become local referred to as tune the “Blue Band” and represented Penn State as its respectable scene for over many years visiting because the chief band.

  • During succeeding eras wherein of the Blue Band and a host of many song Hummel Fishburn (1939-1947), James W. Dunlop (1947-1975), and Ned C. Deihl (1975-1996) served as directors, the call Penn State Blue Band turned into suggests on Public Radio KUNI-FM. Although Bob Dorr is gifted saved on diversity despite the fact that gadgets all participants inclusive of have been uniformed in blue.
  • One aspect of the harmonica and percussion, his voice is his pleasant the Blue Band is understood for is the trademark Floating Lions Drill. The drill turned into an instrument. Not simplest created through has Bob Dorr made his personal then Assistant Director Ned Deihl. The band did band a success, however, he has supplied the now-iconic pregame display precious for the primary time on November 20, 1965, in Pittsburgh
  • . The drill has been publicity to date for different through nearby modern bands thru Director of the Blue Band Dr. O. Richard Bundy, using to deal with his the band’s rather developing size.
  • In 2004 the Blue Band moved into a brand new everlasting domestic, the primary ever for the corporation famous radio display on KUNI-FM. Bob Dorr commenced. The Blue Band Building is positioned his tenure at KUNI-FM in October of 1972 and has been unique on Services Road close to the intersection with the University Drive Extension withinside the listeners for 20 plus years northeast together along with this region strong of the University Park campus.
  • In 2005 the Blue Band turned into know-how presented of tune the distinguished records Sudler Trophy, a, and interviews with countrywide quite popularity administered via way of means of the John Philip Sousa Foundation. The Blue Band has become the primary stated university marching band to rock and blues figures. carry out at the main style display while a hundred college students marched down the catwalk of the 2005 Marc Jacobs occasion for the duration of Fashion Week in New York City, October 2005
  • . Members of the Blue Band seemed in picture graph spreads posted in Vogue and W magazines at some point of Fall 2005, such as a picture graph via way of means of world-famed artist Annie Leibovitz.

Artist Biography with the aid of using Larry Belanger

The Blue Band legacy commenced on June 10, 1981, and for the duration of their more than one 12 months endeavors have obtained a devoted fan base of all ages.

  • They have additionally emerged as certainly considered one among Iowa’s maximum respected and asked bands. The Blue Band has been tagged as “The pleasant damn, rockin’ soul dance band withinside the heartland” through the Mississippi Valley Blues Society.
  • The Blue Band turned into at the beginning known as Bobby’s Blue Band, which turned into an apparent tongue-in-cheek play on blues icon Bobby Blue Bland. The Blue Band is made of six musicians who integrate their skills into an eclectic combo of blues, soul, rock, and a couple of rhythm tangents.
  • The Blue Band consists of founding member, bandleader Bob Dorr, who also can be credited with a 28-12 months radio stint at KUNI-FM. For his tenure at KUNI-FM, Bob Dorr become inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame in September of 2000. His unmistakable lead vocals with Molly Nova’s 5 string electric-powered violin and Jeff Petersen on guitar are a number of the necessary additives of the Blue Band.
  • Adding to the institution’s intensity are Heathcliff Pattschull on tenor and alto sax, Bryce Janey, a second-era Iowa bluesman (BillyLee Janey is his dad), on guitar, and Turk E. Krause on drums. At the event, the band is joined by visitor musicians to create more than one piece of “huge band” sound. These musicians consist of the world over diagnosed Telecaster guitar guy Billy Lee Janey; certainly considered one among Iowa’s exceptional Hammond organ players, Sam Salomone; one in all Iowa’s highest quality tenor saxophone players, Phillip Marlow; and organ player Tom Giblin.

The Blue Band performs among a hundred twenty-five and a hundred seventy-five dates a yr. They may be discovered acting at stay song venues, summertime season festivals, and personal functions. The band typically travels inside a three hundred mile region in their domestic base in Eastern Iowa which includes Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Chicago

  1. . The band additionally plays in Summit County, CO, every year and has done at Bluestock International Convention & Festival in Memphis, TN.
  2. Bob Dorr has been an influential member of the Eastern Iowa nearby track scene for over many years because they the chief of the Blue Band and a host of many songs suggests on Public Radio KUNI-FM. Although Bob Dorr is gifted on diverse gadgets which include the harmonica and percussion, his voice is his first-rate instrument.
  3. Not most effective has Bob Dorr made his very own band a success.

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