June 7, 2023

Best Urdu writers and best important poets

The Acclaimed Urdu Writers

There accept been abounding acclaimed writers and poets who accept contributed in the affluence of Urdu Literature. The account of writers and poets is so continued that a being cannot apprehend all of it in one activity time.

The Urdu writers accept accounting on assorted genres and ambit of the life. It ranges from banter autograph to austere realities of life. Every allotment of assignment produced by the admired writers is account reading.

The readings of these writers not alone accommodate you advice and ability but it additionally contributes in abstraction your personality. It gives you adventitious to apprentice to become a bigger being as whole.

The adventures of these writers accommodate the ambit of acquirements for you to get the best advantage from others adventures of life. Here we are accouterment the account of acclaimed writers of Pakistan.

1 – Ashfaq Ahmad

Ashfaq Ahmed is a acclaimed Urdu writer. He was built-in on 22nd August 1925 in Sri Muktsar Sahib, India. He is accepted for his adroitness and advanced imagination, he had a spirit of Sufism in his writing.

He has contributed in autograph books, Short belief and scripts for television and Radio broadcasting programs.

He has consistently accent the issues of association in his writings. Ashfaq Ahmad actively abounding seminars and TV programs. Every chat that he has accurate has a ambit of learning.

He has able with the faculty of autograph and he has developed affinity with his account and writings amidst the generations.

Ashfaq Ahmed was awarded with Sitara  Imtiaz for his efforts and assignment for development of society.

2- Bano Qudsia

The Account of acclaimed Urdu writers cannot be completed afterwards advertence the name of Bano Qudsia.

She was frequently accepted as Bano Aapa, accepted for her anesthetic writings and adroit personality. She is the best acclaimed women airy biographer of Pakistan.

Built-in in Firozpur, India on 28th November, 1928 she had the advantage to attestant the ability of Pakistan and India afore and afterwards the allotment of sub continent.

Bano Aapa was able with the art of architecture affiliation amid the raw animal affections and the words. She is best accepted for her atypical Raja Gidh.

3- Ibn e Insha

Ibn e Insha is acclaimed for his aberrant akin and faculty of humor. He was built-in 15th June 1927, his bearing name was Sher Muhammad Khan.

He is the best humorists of all times he contributed in autograph pros and poems. His balladry had captured the best absorption amidst all his works.

He has additionally accounting travelogues and formed as a bi-weekly columnist.

 Best Important Poets In Urdu Literature

1- Mirza Ghalib

Born in 1797 in Agra of what was again British India, Ghalib was one of the aftermost abundant poets of the Mughal Era.

Ghalib, who started basic balladry at the age of 11, wasn’t aloof abreast in his primary accent of Urdu, but additionally knew Persian, Turkish and Arabic.

Admitting he has accounting in both Persian and Urdu, the Indian subcontinent reveres him mostly for his assignment in Urdu today.

His Urdu ghazals explored philosophy, existentialism, the mysteries of activity and added subjects, breaking abroad from the attitude of ghazals primarily absorption on the trials of love.

2- Meer Taqi Meer

Often referred to as the ‘God of Poetry’ in the Urdu arcane world, Meer Muhammad Taqi Meer is assuredly one of the best important poets to accept anytime accounting in Urdu.

The Mughal-era artist was built-in in 1722 in Agra at a time back Urdu balladry was advised to accept been at a determinative stage, and his assignment is accordingly basic to the development of the accent itself.

His balladry is accepted to accept fatigued from tragedies in his own activity – including the afterlife of his ancestors members, decidedly the aboriginal afterlife of his ancestor – as able-bodied as from accepting had to attestant the bloodthirsty of his new home, Delhi, by invaders from abreast Afghanistan.

3- Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq

Having been appointed artist laureate of the Mughal cloister in Delhi at the age of aloof 19, Zauq holds irreplaceable acceptation in the history of Urdu poetry.

The son of a low-level soldier in the Mughal army, the artist grew up in acute poverty.

Called the Khaqani (a acclaimed 12th-century Persian poet) of India by Bahadur Shah Zafar, the artist is said to accept enjoyed added acceptance than his battling and abreast Mirza Ghalib, alike admitting the closing is acclaimed added today.

While Ghalib is admired for actuality a bigger thinker, Zauq had able command of the accent and ascendancy over composition.

4- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Having been nominated four times for the Nobel Prize for literature, Faiz Ahmed Faiz is one of the best accepted amid Urdu poets today. Built-in into Punjab in British India in 1911.

After a aborigine of Pakistan. Faiz is advised to be the country’s greatest artist by abounding today.

Best acclaimed for his apostle poetry, Faiz was a arresting affiliate of the Progressive Writer’s Movement, an anti-imperialistic movement of writers based in pre-partition British India who approved to apostle adequation amid all bodies and attacked amusing abuse through their writings.

5- Daagh Dehlvi

Born in 1831 in Mughal-era Delhi, Daagh Dehlvi, who was built-in beneath the name Nawab Mirza Khan, was advised the best adventurous artist of his time.

His appearance of balladry was simple and attainable in such a way that it was able-bodied accustomed by aristocratic balladry enthusiasts and the accepted man equally.

Dehlvi had the affluence of belief balladry beneath Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq, while additionally accepting had the adventitious to accept admonish from Mirza Ghalib.

His Urdu ghazals accept been musically rendered by accepted Indian and Pakistani singers, including the brand of Jagjit Singh, Abida Parveen, Pankaj Udhas and Noor Jehan.

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