New Best Horror Movies Bollywood List

New Best Horror Movies Bollywood List

I have the best Collection for you and enjoy New Best Horror Movies, Bollywood List. I hope you like this post and share family and friends. I am sharing now the all-time best Bollywood Horror movies. This is no correct list. I mean top 1 and 2nd or 3rd Movie list. This is a normal list of best horror movies Bollywood’s latest.

1: Raaz (2002 ) horror Movie

Inspired by the Michelle Pfeiffer starred ‘What Lies Beneath, Raaz was just the beginning of a slew of horror films that Bipasha Basu was to sign later. They decide to live together in a cottage in Ooty to sort out the differences. Sanjana keeps having one supernatural encounter after another.

She keeps hearing a girl’s voice and later sees the spirit as well. The professor informs them that they have to burn the dead girl’s body in order to exorcise her ghost. Otherwise, she will kill Aditya in all likelihood.

How Bipasha Basu, with the help of Ashutosh Rana, exorcises the ghost to save her husband and her marriage forms the crux of the film. Nadeem Shravan composed the music and songs like Jo Bhi kame Khai the humay and Aap Ke Pyaar Mein main were much appreciated.

B – 2009

Spine-shivering is the word that impeccably portrays this film. There are explicit courses through which 13 B contrasts from other Indian Blood and gore flicks. No enormous manor, no unwanted home, our soul is rendering retribution.

It is fundamentally supported, and honors acquired by fans are without a doubt the explanation that drives you to watch this film. The sharp content and startling heading win the core of all.

The star cast does something amazing for the camera with their A-class acting abilities. One can feel the story being excessively normal such that you, as well, will fear the TVs. R. Madhavan doubtlessly realizes how to keep you engaged and snared.

Ek Thi Daayan – 2013

Witches were never depicted so amazing and never portrayed alluringly. This Bollywood blood and gore flick have three in number female leads; Huma Qureshi, Konkona Sen Sharma, and Kalki Koechlin.

The witches have been viewed as Daayan, and this film grandstands a spat between their reality, and dier needs to have a fallen angel close by. It is a significant energizing new development and nobody to trust.

Henceforth, see with your own eyes who is Satan and who is the real Daayan. One thing is without a doubt the measure of amusement will mitigate your craving for a decent thriller.

Alone – 2015

Your previous sins will torment you until the end of time. The celebrities lovebirds, Karan Singh Grover, and Bipasha Basu. It is a story of two sisters who were conjoined together. It is exceptionally confounding as the whole story rotates around Anjana and Sanjana. Our legend, Kabir, shuffles between the sisters as, until last, it isn’t uncovered who is whom. The apparition is of which sister is the genuine wind.

We propose you sit back with a quiet psyche and dive profound enough into everything about it. Nonetheless, there are not many spine-chilling minutes however insufficient to crawl you out.

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