Andrew Tate spotted walking with Holy Quran in his hands


Andrew Tate showed up at Romanian court holding Quran
Andrew Tate showed up at Romanian court holding Quran 

Andrew Tate was arrested by Romanian Government for human trafficking in Romania. He has been making buzz in the media for quite some time. Today, a Twitter account shared pictures of Tate Brothers walking with Holy Quran in their hands.

Tam Khan, a verified Twitter account shared four pictures of Tate brother walking alongside custody of Police, dressed all in black and their hands are holding Holy Quran. There were rumors that Andrew has embraced Islam but nothing was confirmed as such, however he tweeted a Quranic verse shortly after his arrest through his Twitter account.

There have been mixed reactions to this gesture. Majority of people are lauding the act and saying that he is getting ‘strength' from the only source of the universe. 

A twitter user also praised the bond Tate Brothers shared.

He was also spotted making the famous ‘Mason’ sign earlier last week. There were speculations sparked shortly after the sign was seen, and it was said that he has been giving signs. However, no official statement has been issued from Tate Brothers side. 

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