Andrew Tate ‘duped’ victim with promises of marriage: report
Andrew Tate ‘duped’ victim with promises of marriage: report

Andrew Tate is standing accused of luring women into the business of making videos on webcams, after initially promising them marriage.

This accusation has been issued by Romanian prosecutors who allege that many women on social media were contacted and lured to Bucharest over false promises of love.

According to a report by the Daily Mail and Romanian outlet Gandul, one of Tate’s alleged victims was brought to Romania by the Tate brothers through ‘misrepresenting the intention to establish a marriage or cohabitation relationship,

The woman in question was also later picked up by a ‘female accomplice’ despite being promised that she’d meet her boyfriend.

By the time she reached the compound there was another change of plans and she was told she’d “would live with some girls who work for.”

Local prosecutors also believe the brothers’ ran an organized crime circuit and “identified vulnerable people and exploited their needs for affection, trust, stability, creating the impression of a close relationship.”

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