Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment has decided to make Alia Bhatt’s movie Darlings in multiple languages including Tamil and Telugu.

The film has become one of the most watched films on Netflix in the last week and has received amazing reviews from critics and the audience alike. Therefore, now the film will be made in Telugu and Tamil languages too.

As per Pinkvilla, the producer and COO of Red Chillies Entertainment Gaurav Verma confirmed the news himself by saying: “We had the script of Darlings with us for a while now and through the journey of making it, we decided to make it in multiple languages.”

“The film has a certain landscape which can be adapted very well in multiple languages. The process is on as we speak,” he added.

Gaurav further revealed: “The story remains the same, but we will localize it. Darlings was a story set in Mumbai, but now, we will create a different world for Tamil Telugu. We localize the characters and their reactions.”

Darlings will be a standalone banner in the Tamil and Telugu market, and keeping this in mind, Gaurav Verma was asked whether “Is that a path they wish to walk on in the future?”

To this, he replied: “If given an opportunity, it has been a path we want to walk on. Jawan will be released in multiple languages.”

“To go to the Tamil and Telugu market is not something we will consolidate or have offices there, but it’s going to be on a script-to-script basis. Darlings have the potential, so we are taking it there.”

He further stated: “A lot of people sell off the rights, but we want to participate in the process of taking this story to other languages. We have been associated with the script for four years now and we want it to grow in the right way. Of course, there will be language barriers, but we will make sure it’s done correctly. “

The cast and other aspects of the movie will be revealed soon.


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