June 6, 2023
Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro | World’s Best Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Pro is a pro video editing software in the field of technology. Software developed by Adobe and published as part of Adobe cloud creative. It was launched in 2003 first launched in 1991 with the name Adobe premiere. It is used for video editing, films, and commercial videos. Also available as cloud creative. Premiere Pro can be used for video editing, importing videos, graphics, and audio, and creating new videos.

Premiere Pro CC:

Premiere pro cc is a new update of Premiere Pro CC, which stands for “Creative cloud” it is a subscription-based version. For the use of Premiere pro cc, you need a subscription. Older versions of Premiere pro cc like premiere pro and premiere Pro Cs don’t require subscriptions.

History of Premiere Pro: 

Adobe Premiere Pro started working simply and was introduced in 1991 with the Mac operating system’s premiere. Its name premiere pro was presented in 2003. The first version of it has several names from premiere pro 1 to premiere pro 7., All of them have additional changes.

Here is the list of Premiere pro names…

  • Premiere Pro 1: It fixes bugs and glitches and some more minor additions. 
  • Premiere Pro 2: New features, new interface, multi-camera editing, improved integration. 
  • Premiere Pro CS3: Released in 2007 notable features mac system reintroduced
  • Premiere Pro CS4: Released in 2014, more fixable, increased format support, improved editing workflow. 
  • Premiere Pro CS5: Released in 2010, including minor enhancements, Playback Engine,
  • Premiere Pro CS6: Released may 2012 include a new preset browser, three-way color correction, adjustment layers, changing interface, SpeedGrade, Adobe Creative Cloud, permanent migration to CC
  • Premiere Pro CC: Released June 2013 including Multicam editing, Lumetri Deep Color Engine, improved audio mixing, improved audio mixing, included link & locate, redesigned timeline, its current version is Premiere Pro CC 2020. 

Size of Pictures to Import:

The maximum size of the frame of movies and pictures to import from Premiere Pro is 256 megapixels.

Video & Audio formats to import and export from Premiere Pro:

Following the formats which premiere pro supported. Premiere Pro can import these formats. Maybe it needs specific codes to import. Some of the main files which can be exported from premiere pro is listed below:

  • Advanced audio coding
  • MP3 audio
  • QuickTime format
  • MPEG-1 Video Files
  • Broadcast WAVE format
  • Adobe Sound Document
  • Apple video compression format
  • Multimedia container format
  • Audio Interchange File Format
  • Microsoft AVI,
  • Windows Media
  • Windows Waveform

Adobe Premiere Pro vs After Effects:

If we are creating a new project, you have to know when to use adobe premiere pro and when to use after-effects to make or break your projects. Because both of them are powerful software, they do the same function, but many times, one is better than the others. There is no difference between them for those who are using them before, but you will be confused between Adobe Premiere Pro and after-effects if you are new.
Let’s take a look at both of them, which are suitable for beginners.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro is a nonlinear editor with the video editing main functions.

  • Beginners open to create a simple video with multiple clips.
  • It is incredibly scalable and easy for beginners.
  • Still powerful for a master editor.
  • It’s just about everything which you need to complete a professional video.

After Effects:

  • Digital motion graphics platform.
  • Where you can add motion to your clips, images, videos, designs.
  • Hard to learn but easy to master.

Features of Premiere Pro:

Here are the main features of adobe premiere pro.

  1. Support multiple formats
  2. Multiple video types
  3. Type tool
  4.  Lumetri
  5.  Libraries
  6. Simultaneous Projects
  7.  Transitions
  8.  Motion Graphics Templates
  9. VR Rotate Sphere
  10. Shared Projects
  11. VR Audio Editing
  12. Video Titling & Graphics
  13. Regional Closed Caption

Computer Requirements for Premiere Pro:

While Adobe Premiere Pro is powerful software, you have to know about premiere Pro computer requirements before subscribing to the Adobe premiere pro.
For premiere Pro you Need:

  • 64-bit multi-core processor (Intel 6th Gen or AMD FX).
  • 64-bit Windows 10.
  •  8 GB HDD space (additional free space required).
  •  Internet connection (for product activation, download, updates)
  •  2 GB VRAM.
  •  8 GB RAM.
  •  Compatible sound card.

Advantages of Premiere Pro:

If you have clips of audio that you want to together, then Adobe premiere Pro is best for you. Here are some advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Creating simple text layers
  • Easy to create transitions between clips
  • Best for trimming and arranging clips
  • Multiple video clips on the same video track
  • Easy selective color grading
  • You can add animation and video effects to the software
  • Automated tools make editing smarter and faster

The disadvantage of Adobe Premiere Pro:

With a lot of advantages, Adobe premiere Pro has some disadvantages also.
Here is a list of some disadvantages

  • Must be running a 64-bit system
  • Available with subscription only
  • The interface isn’t quite as sleek as some others
  • Project setup is a little odd if you aren’t used to it.
Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download:

Premiere Pro free download & free trial. Adobe Premiere Pro Like others, Adobe premiere Pro has seven days free trial. After seven days, you have to subscribe to the paid version. It’s a free trial; you will have access to all features and updates only for desktop. The free trial works on Mac and Windows. It also gives students and teachers 60% off.


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